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Lisa H Handy

Welcome to LifeVantage

Better health, better lives, and a better world. We're using groundbreaking science and a new approach to entrepreneurship to make life a little better for everyone.

We think a little differently here. Questioning, pushing boundaries, and finding better ways to do business is our status quo. It all started with a discovery: that the human genome has built-in abilities to keep our bodies healthy. And a question: “Is it possible to tell the genome to activate those abilities?”

From that question the science of Nutrigenomics was born. And for the past decade, LifeVantage has been at the forefront, discovering nutrient compounds that can address the leading scientific theories on aging and change the discussion on health.

You won’t find more of the same here—just trailblazing products and a community of passionate individuals dedicated to a new approach to health and wellness that makes every day better than the last.

Our Core Values
  • People come first. Always.
  • We do what we say we’re gonna do. It’s called Integrity.
  • We shoot each other straight.
  • We create the remarkable. It’s only worthy of LifeVantage if it’s worth sharing.
  • Mistakes may come, but we always do the right thing.
  • If the Individual matters, then the individuals well-being matters.
  • Be curious, your comfort zone is lulling you to sleep.
  • Be awesome. Recruit awesome. And Inspire awesome in others.
  • Preserving physical and financial health are core components of an abundant world.

A timeline of how Biohackers came to be.

LifeVantage Legacy

Making a World of Difference.

At LifeVantage, our mission to create a better world isn't just lip service. From the products we create to the legacy we leave, it's part of who we are.

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